Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alcohol ink painting with markers

I have decided that summer just isn't a great time to get any art done.  Life keeps on getting in the way.  Having fun with the grandkids, but missing my time to do some serious art.  Since I found out that alcohol inks were so versatile and there is so much more to experiment with, I guess my mind keeps floating away to my art room.

I did manage to expand a bit and found out that hey, if you don't have all the colors of alcohol ink that you might want and you did have some alcohol markers, a great piece could be done with using the markers.  Also, you can buy from my favorite Dick Blick online, a fairly large set of Prismacolor makers for not so very much.  Just make sure that you are buying alcohol markers and not waterbased. 

I did this piece with just markers, a small applicator bottle filled with 91% alcohol from Walgreens, a blender pen for alcohol markers, and of course, some yupo.  I am still in awe of the colorful, shiney images that you can do.  The inks just make everything look good.  I matted this one with a black mat.  Every time I look at it, I think "what happened to me, I used to work basically in earth tones".  Nice change.

Oh yes, Copic markers are alcohol based.  I think they probably say "solvent based".  They are gorgeous and they do sell the refills.  I just love them, but I find the refill bottle to be hard to use straight from the tip and I waste a lot. 

Here is my latest.  Again, just using markers. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting started in alcohol ink painting

Finally gave up and sent for a new scanner.   Oooooh, I love it.  So, I really should be able to stop promising and get some new work up.  Have to take time to do some pieces with my granddaughter also.  She jumps around like a bunny, choosing one art medium and then another.  Wonder where she gets that.

Alcohol inks seem to be getting very popular.  I have noticed that more people are creating using the inks and wow lots of new works on Etsy.  Lots of downloads and prints for sale.  Reserving judgment.  I believe the beauty of working the inks is partly the yupo paper most of us work on.  But then I haven't tried printing anything of mine.  Can't print on the yupo.  I didn't even try with all the warnings on their website.  It is polyester, guess it isn't friendly with printer ink.

You can work on ceramic tiles rather than the yupo.  Haven't done that either.  I am stuck on this yupo.  If you want to try, Dick Blick sells yupo in pads.  If you want the thicker stuff, you have to go to the website for yupo and order a ream.  But, one can certainly get started with the pads.

As for the inks, I use Ranger inks, available at most craft stores, Spectrum alcohol pen refills which I get from Blick and Pinata inks, which are difficult to find. Pinata is the only brand that has a white, I am still experimenting to find a substitute.

I also used canned air to blow the ink around.  Here is a flower piece done with the canned air. Office Depot calls it "cleaning duster". 

This is the piece that my granddaughter did with the canned air.  I will frame it for her room.  Not bad, huh?


Join me in trying alcohol ink painting.  There is soooo much more!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vacation among the trees and squirrels

We are off to Topeka for a bit.  I am working on some more alcohol art, but my scanner evidently would have preferred to stay in Texas.  So, we are still working on it and will hopefully get some more work up this weekend.

Technology stuff, ugh.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

More alcohol ink art

These are the three pieces that I did on yupo (a synthetic paper that is smooth and indestructible).
I cut a piece of the yupo, did the artwork, and then mounted it onto a 6 x 12 hardboard canvas.  I get the canvases through Dick Blick and since I found them, I do all of my encaustic wax pieces on them and most of my alcohol ink pieces that I mount. They don't cost much more and they don't sag, or any of the other problems with gallery wrapped canvas.  Last forever.

I will talk more about the process of using alcohol inks and about the yupo in a later short tutorial.  Where I get my stuff, the different types of inks, the wonderful yupo, etc.

But for now, here are my three pieces.  If any of you know me, you are probably gasping.  I tend to be a brownish, blackish, neutral type of artist.  For 15 years or so, bright colors just didn't appeal to me.  But, now I have either been taken over by aliens or I just needed to freshen up my pieces.  My daughter nearly fainted.  She has been trying to get me to add color for years.  Okay, Alisha, I DID.

I am not sure that I have comments that can be posted or if I some time in the past made them so that I had to release every one, so if you should want to email, email me at
Hope to hear from others who are inking or want to, or even want to trade small works.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alcohol ink painting

Well, life has changed quite a bit.  But I am still doing my art, I guess I will for the rest of my life.  You know that saying "art helps me breathe".  So true here.  But, at times it does get a little stale and you need to try some different mediums.

I have found something that we all probably did several years ago.  Alcohol inks.  We smeared a little here and there on shiny paper and used the piece for collage or maybe did some dominoes.  Somehow or another I saw some gals using alcohol inks as well, a painting medium. 

Still do some smearing and such, but I love, love, love it for taking it farther.  You never know what the inks are going to do, they are so unpredicable.  I think that is what makes it fascinating.

As when I started encaustics years ago, there is not much in the way of tutorials or nary a book to look at.  Maybe that is good, makes me dig deeper.  There are a few selling dvds; for beginners they look okay.  I am still searching.  Utube has some good ideas.

But, I am so excited, I had to blog again.  Here are a few of my new "babies".  If you are experimenting with alcohol inks, please send me a post or email.  I need some company.



 I have some more that I want to share, but it seems that my "pictures" isn't showing me the images.
Will try again later.







Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stuck on the beautiful roses handmade book

Yes, still stuck on those roses.  Inspired by what I see all around me in my neighbor's lovely gardens (I cannot grow flowers at all), I have done another fabric collage on roses.  Hope you love it.  I think I am winding down and will be making some new lace books soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fabric collage handmade book of Roses

Well, I am still making soft handmade fabric collage books.  I made some years ago, but I went off onto something else for a time and forgot how much I enjoyed combing through the stacks of fabric, images, lace, trims and other wonderful items that I have collected through the years.  And then to choose the items for each collage page.

Here is the latest: